Hand on Bump


How early can I have a scan?

From 7 weeks.

What is the difference between 3D & 4D?

A 3D scan shows detailed three dimensional images of the baby, you are able to see glimpses of the baby’s facial features, hands, fingers and sometimes feet and toes. 4D is the same quality images seen in 3D, however, you can see baby in live motion. Here you can see baby smile, yawn, suck their thumb and much more.

What is the earliest time you can find out the gender of the baby?

The earliest you can have a gender scan is 15 weeks.

How many people can I bring to my scan?

We have enough room in the scan room for up to 6 people.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes, Lucy Jane's require a non-refundable, non-trasnferable £15 deposit at the time of booking any appointment, this must be paid to secure your scan appointment.

Do I need a full bladder?

It’s important to stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water on a regular basis throughout pregnancy. For the early scan you must have a full bladder, we also recommend a full bladder for the gender scan.

How accurate are gender scans?

Gender scans are 99% accurate. There are many factors that can affect a gender scan, the main one is the position of baby. We look in between the baby’s legs for a potty shot, however sometimes babies can have crossed legs which makes it very difficult to see.

How early can you pick up the heartbeat?

The heart beat can be picked up at 8 weeks. On some occasions it can be picked up as early as 6 weeks, however, this is not always possible.

Are ultrasound scans safe?

Ultrasound scan is a safe procedure that uses low-power sound waves. Ultrasound scans have been used in pregnancy for decades and there has never been any evidence found to suggest that they are harmful in pregnancy.

When is the best time to come for a 4D scan?

We advise that the best time to come for a 4D scan is between 26-34 weeks this is when we get higher quality images/video. However, we can perform 4D scans before and after this gestation and still get very good quality images/video.

What can I do to ensure I get good 3D/4D images/video?

There are different factors that impact on the scan quality these are;

The position of your placenta, an anterior placenta (placenta at the front) can cause difficulty in gaining good 3D/4D images.

Your BMI, a high BMI can also affect the image quality in both 2D, 3D and 4D.This is because there are more layers for the ultrasound waves to get through.

Baby’s position, the baby’s position is one of the biggest factors that affect the images collected on the day. If the baby is in a poor position we may ask you to empty your bladder, have a cold fizzy drink or go for a walk.

If we are still unable to get any images during your appointment time then we will offer one free rescan usually within one-two weeks following your first appointment. Our free rescan is offered on the understanding that you acknowledge that we are unable to guarantee that baby’s position will be better during your rescan.  (Free rescans do not hold any monetary value and are non-transferrable) Free rescans apply only to all scans booked within our recommended time scales: Early scans – 7-12 weeks. Gender 16-22 weeks. 3D/4D 27-33 weeks. All rescans will be booked between Monday-Friday ONLY.